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entsprechen in English:

1. correspond correspond

I frequently correspond with her.
I correspond with many friends in Canada.
Roughly speaking, the seasons in England correspond with those in Japan.
The picture this news article paints does not correspond to the truth
The fingerprints left on the weapon correspond with the suspect's.
It is unclear in Patterson's experiment whether the output objects fully correspond to the designed models.
this house doesn't correspond to what we expected
Your words are supposed to correspond to your actions, but that is not easy to put into practice.
These blue lines correspond to airlines.
You should make your ideas correspond with reality.
Bird's wings correspond to man's arms.
The money I've saved corresponds roughly to the amount I need for my plane ticket.
Choose a pillow to correspond to your sleep habits. If you snooze on your side, it should be thick to keep your neck cervical vertebrae in good order.
The newspaper story does not correspond with/to what really happened.
Vectors need not correspond to a physical quantity; anything can be a vector space as long as vector addition and scalar multiplication is defined.

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