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zadní in English:

1. rear rear

Many people pushed their way toward the rear exit.
The people in the rear of the room could not hear the speaker.
Stretch arm to the rear.
I rear cattle.
While skating at the ice rink she fell on her rear.
For real simplification, let us do away with cross-compliance altogether and let farmers get on with what they do best, which is to grow crops and rear animals.
A tiny wizard in a nightcap at the rear of the bus muttered
Hadrian You will bring up the rear and escort the last wagon
One of the rear indicator lights on my car isn't working.
He describes how these birds rear their young.
Then he got intothe nest, reared the stave in it as a mast, and hung up his shirt for a sail.
a rear window
Some lorries have, long vehicle" written on their rear ends to indicate to the vehicles coming behind that it will be difficult to pass them.
My rear-view mirror is broken.
Speak louder for the benefit of those in the rear.

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2. back back

Back in high school, I got up at 6 a.m. every morning.
Don't hold back.
This drawing is less than great. He needs to do something with the line here at the back of the leg.
You're back late. What have you been up to?
To get back to my original point, yesterday I sent the report off to Tokyo.
After I graduated from college, I moved back home and lived with my parents for three years.
If you aren't careful about what you eat, you'll put back on all the weight that you spent so much time losing.
Tom could hardly believe his ears when he heard that Mary was coming back home to stay.
I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I've been snowed under at work lately.
Memories of the good old days came flooding back one after another.
In an earthquake, the ground can shake up and down, or back and forth.
Please play it back for me after you've finished the recording.
Instead of going back to the party, why don't we go to my place?
If I'm not mistaken, I think we took a wrong turn back there.
To put it bluntly, the reason this team won't win is because you're holding them back.