dictation 8 page 129

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Jakie jest znaczenie wyrazu nadgarstek?
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What is the meaning of the word "wrist"?
Ile rzeczy jest tutaj?
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How many things are there here?
Jej włos jest na jej głowie
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Her hair is on her head
Jego podbródek, usta i nos są na jego twarzy
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His chin, mouth and nose are on his face.
Moje oczy są niebieskie.
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My eyes are blue.
Ludzie w Skandynawii są wysocy
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The people of Scandinavia are tall
On zadaje nam pytanie
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He's asking a question
Nazwa jej kraju jest Niemcy
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The name of her country is Germany
Kim jesteś?
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Who are you?
Skrót od czasownika " mieć" to "I've, you've, he's etc."
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The contraction of the verb "to have" is "I've, you've, he's etc."
Masz jakieś uszy?
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Have you any ears?
Tak, dwa.
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Yes, two.

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